Gary is a filmmaker and photographer working with clients in industries such as hospitality, government and social enterprise. He enjoys the outdoors, camping, and sharing his camera and filmmaking knowledge with people all over the world while he travels. He’s also fluent in Spanish and English. 

Nicole "Coco" is a writer and has written copy for social media campaigns, websites and marketing materials for the restaurant industry. She is the creator of Free My Wild, a lifestyle and travel blog that showcases her personal stories and enlightenment through her adventures. Nicole has traveled to over 40 countries across six continents and focuses on responsible traveling and cultural immersion.


The following videos were made during our travels through Central America and carefully curated into a cohesive story-line. By showcasing our travels via Instagram stories on a regular basis, we wanted our followers to get a peek into our experiences with the feeling that they were there experiencing them with us. The videos are formatted specifically for the Instagram story template. 



The goal for the following clients was to create videos that would contribute to increase web traffic and social media engagement by showcasing the quality, livability and variety of each property. The viewer is taken inside a visual tour allowing them to experience the property vicariously through a guest’s eyes.


The following videos were produced in Nicaragua with the aim of giving viewers a visual experience. Our intention was to highlight attractions and activities so prospective visitors can get an idea of the unique experiences offered. 



These videos incorporate storytelling with the purpose of informing tourists and promoting change and awareness of social issues. By highlighting these three education-driven programs, viewers can see fist-hand how Nicaragua’s economy is changing and how they can contribute to cultural growth and education either through donation or by supporting local businesses.